30 September 2014

Tuesday, 20:50





"You need to put your heart and soul in what you're doing, and then everything will be fine"

Interview with the participant in Eurovision-2011 from Azerbaijan, Eldar Qasimov


I remember that once they mentioned my name as one of the representatives of Azerbaijan at Eurovision, everything was messed up in my head, and I just woke up when I was singing the final song. Then I was joined by Nigar, and we stood together. Of course, at that time, I was incredibly happy, I was overwhelmed with emotions and in principle they are still with me. I am still in some kind of euphoria! I'm sure that Nigar feels the same, she is in seventh heaven! During rehearsals, I went on stage at Esprit Arena in Dusseldorf and imagined that in the final show, the hall will be packed to overflowing and Nigar and I will go on stage and take the victory. And it did happen! While in Dusseldorf, we saw on the Internet what was happening in Baku on the night of our victory - the city just went crazy! Young people poured out onto the street, people were crying with happiness. This is a memorable experience. - What do you expect from Eurovision this year? Do you think that Azerbaijan is likely to win for the second time in a row? - It would be great! Why shouldn’t our country be on the list of the lucky ones who managed to host Eurovision for two consecutive years? I really want Europe to see the beauty of my native Baku in May and to meet with Azerbaijani culture and history. In my opinion, Eurovision is the best way to advertise the country. And I'm sure we will manage it! - What do you wish Sabina Babayeva? What advice would you give her as a former representative of our country at Eurovision? - I am sure that this year, Europe and the whole world will hear the unique beauty of our national music. I believe that Baku will host the best Eurovision in history! Especially as our representative Sabina Babayeva has all the necessary qualities. She is talented, beautiful and hard working. My advice for Sabina: you have to give your heart and soul to what you're doing, and then everything will be fine.